Sometimes the toughest thing about making plugins has nothing to do with calculus or C++ or preblended alpha values. Sometimes the problem is coming up with a simple answer for a simple question: “What is a plugin?”

Actually, all of us who use plugins often struggle with the same situation. Just imagine: you’re explaining your day-to-day to a non-musician — an uncle at a family get-together, or a friend who’s never seen a guitar pedal. You say you’re saving up for a new plugin. A what? A plugin, it costs $149. Whoa! You want to spend $149 on a… “plugin”? You mumble something about modifying sounds. I don’t get it. It’s computer software. Like what a DJ uses to check their email on stage?

Soon you find yourself trying to explain how a compressor works and now you’re in big trouble. (We have a lot of experience with that one.) Later that night you turn the question over in your head, shuffling through dusty mental drawers, looking for a good simile. Instagram filters? No, that doesn’t work — no one makes feature films with Instagram filters.

Your Answer in our Podcast

But! What if we put together some good answers? That’s what we here at Goodhertz want to do: put together a podcast to answer that simple question: what is a plugin? And we need your help.

Think you’ve got a good answer? Plug in your microphone and record it! Then submit it here (scroll down to the submission box). Don’t worry about editing: just go for stream of consciousness. We want the sound of you thinking out loud — hesitations, reconsiderations, umms, the whole nine yards.

And don’t be afraid to ramble! For instance, here’s a prompt: Explaining hardware sure seems a lot easier than explaining plugins. Why is that? Etc.

Or keep it short and sweet, like Valhalla’s Sean Costello on Twitter:

A musician, a microphone, an answer. Easy.

And don’t worry, this is a “non-denominational” podcast — we want to hear from you even if you don’t use Goodhertz plugins. We’ll be creating and sponsoring the podcast, but that doesn’t mean it’ll only be about Goodhertz plugins. (Although if you do have a Goodhertz account, let us know when you submit a response — we’ll add a $35 credit to your account.)

Ready to submit?

N.B. If you hit “record” and don’t see a green level indicator in the top right corner, there’s some trouble with your mic (and the submitted recording will be silent) — so make sure you see the level indicator!

If you’d like to be added to the credits for the podcast, make sure to say (and spell out) your name in the recording you submit. (Or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, don’t say your name.) If you’d like to have that $35 credit added to your account, make sure to say your email address in your recording as well.

— Goodhertz, Inc.