Last week, we announced a new plugin (our tenth) — Tiltshift — and we said we’d be giving away 5 copies. To enter, all you had to do: post a screenshot of Tiltshift on social media.

And now we’re happy to report:

We love seeing screenshots of Tiltshift-in-action (amazing how many DAWs there are out there in the wild)

We received over 40 entries on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

We have selected the 5 winners!1

Without further ado, the winners are:

Entered the contest but don’t see your name on the list? Don’t despair! We’re also giving away $15 credits to everyone that entered. So if you entered the contest, shoot us an email at to claim your $15.

— Goodhertz, Inc.
1Full disclosure: to select the winners, we relied on Clojure’s built-in shuffle to
(take 5 (shuffle entries)) #computerscience.