This time on Fourloops: a few sweet sounds stirred with something spirituous — a very chopped sample of “Lead Kindly Light” as recorded by the Loveless Twins Quartet on November 28, 1927, in Camden, New Jersey.1

I came across the recording myself only a few days ago, after purchasing an excellent Dust to Digital compilation of the same name.

The snaps are from the “Organic” pack by That Sound, and the drum tones were at some point the work of Bernard Purdie, though in this rendition it’s mostly unrecognizable. The synth is original.

If you’re looking to hear what our latest plugin, Trem Control, can do, may I suggest: CCCB for 4 different tremolos, and DXXC for something a little further out on the old plank road. For something less tremulous: BDDD.

1As the Discography of American Historical Recordings notes: “Identical twins Herman and Harmon Loveless married identical twins Lela and Lola Teague.”