If you’ve been with us since the beginning — by which I mean the summer of 2014 — you may have wondered, at some point: why is this company so mysterious and taciturn?

Well no longer will you wonder! Because today — by which I mean March 1, 2015 — we are introducing our new blog, this blog: __Tonal__.

To be honest, we’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but there were some things getting in the way. Namely, releasing six of the best plugins on earth. (Seven and eight very soon). As a general rule at Goodhertz —

products > promotion

— and to be clear, we’ll be sticking to that expression.

But! Recently inspired by the corporate transparency of the most excellent StartUp podcast, we’ve decided to set aside some time every week for what we’ve come to realize is almost as important as the plugins themselves: convincing you of what we already know:

From form to function, sonics to sliders, Goodhertz plugins will change how you work with audio.

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Thanks for reading.