Henry Goodhertz


  • Luvian Sound: J’s Loop
    A Fourloops Installment Apr 6, 2015

    This time on Fourloops, we’re proud to present a set from Luvian Sound, who embraces some classic Detroit production techniques and pushes into the outer-space of Lohi, Lossy, and Vulf Compressor — all to excellent effect.

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  • Justin Delorme — Into the Sea
    A Fourloops installment Mar 10, 2015

    About a month ago, Canadian composer-producer-performer Justin Delorme sent us an email. He’d been using our plugins in his work (beautiful, cinematic tracks), and he wanted to let us know.[^let]

    After reading his email, a eureka moment: maybe Justin would be interested in assembling a set of loops for Fourloops?

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  • Fourloops, a Loop Series
    Four stems looping, hundreds of combinations Mar 3, 2015

    We at Goodhertz recently launched something we call Fourloops, a small web-based looping machine. “Four-” because there are always four distinct tracks, and “-loops” because each track is the exact same length, and loops endlessly.

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