Today we’re proud to announce our tenth plugin, Tiltshift. What is it? Simply put: a new type of tilt EQ. Dramatically put: the most transparent, easiest-to-use, best-sounding equalizer we’ve ever heard.

Who is Tiltshift for? Everybody. What is Tiltshift for? Everything. It’s right at home in just about every audio situation — mastering, mixing, tracking, sound design, dialog mixing, automating a reverb send, etc. No matter your task, Tiltshift will make it easier to get the sound you’re looking for.

And it’s already got a pedigree. Tiltshift made it on every single track of Vulfpeck’s upcoming LP, _Thrill of the Arts_.

To mark the occasion, we’ll be giving away five (5) copies of Tiltshift this week. How do you enter to win? Here’s the protocol:

Download & install Tiltshift.

Take a screenshot of Tiltshift open in your favorite DAW.

Post that screenshot on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. (Make sure to tag us in your post.1)

Voila. That’s all it takes. (Winners will be randomly selected.)