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Henry Goodhertz


  • Version 3.2.0
    A reverb in Lossy, new presets in Wow Control, resizable interfaces, and much more... Mar 29, 2018

    After a long period of internal testing, typesetting, signal verification, and preset authoring, we’ve got a brand new version of our plugins ready to download—

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  • Joey Dosik x Goodhertz on Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Using Goodhertz plugins on network TV Feb 26, 2018

    Recently, Joey Dosik (singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles) asked us to do something we’d never done before: put some Goodhertz plugins on a network television broadcast. While Goodhertz plugins have been heard on TV before — especially in soundtrack music — this would be the first time we know of them being used on the master bus of a live musical performance.

    Joey’s album, Game Winner EP, already used a handful of Goodhertz plugins, and for his TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, we tried to replicate some of that processing.

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  • Version 3 — Windows Support and New Formats
    All Goodhertz plugins have been rewritten from the ground up for Windows and Mac support! Oct 16, 2017

    All Goodhertz plugins have been rewritten from the ground up for Windows and Mac support! We’ve just added VST, VST3, and AAX support for Windows, as well as VST and VST3 support for Mac (in addition to our existing support for AU and AAX).

    This is a free upgrade — if you already own a Goodhertz plugin, simply download the upgrade and login, then you’re all set.

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  • High Quality Wow & Flutter — an Oxymoron?
    What is “high-quality” wow & flutter? Sep 28, 2016

    We’ve said in a couple places that Wow Control (our latest plugin!) has a fancy, high quality wow & flutter algorithm. But what exactly does that mean? Isn’t the whole point of wow & flutter to not be so hi-fi?

    Sort of.

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  • What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like?
    A small web-based tool to simulate hearing at all ages Mar 2, 2016

    As we age, our hearing slowly but surely slips away. Time turns down the decibels.

    But what, exactly, does that aging-of-the-ears sound like? What would it sound like to go, in an instant, from the hearing of a 20-year-old to the hearing of a 90-year-old?

    In the vocabulary of frequencies and decibels, what does normal hearing loss sound like?

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  • CanOpener Studio vs. Waves Nx
    What’s ideal when mixing on headphones? Feb 24, 2016

    In the Goodhertz audio lab in California, Goodhertz founder Devin Kerr does the majority of his critical listening at the mixing desk.

    In August of 2012, after months of working on CanOpener Studio, and a lifetime of listening to music mostly on headphones, I got my first opportunity to visit the lab and hear music the way Devin does, at that desk, on a pair of professional-grade speakers — a highly controlled acoustical environment, tuned for his professional tasks (mixing, mastering, algorithm-designing).

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  • Why Automatability Matters
    How Goodhertz Makes Plugins: Automation Oct 2, 2015

    One of the most difficult parts of building a Goodhertz plugin is meeting our standard for smooth automatability:

    Any control or parameter in a Goodhertz plugin, even on/off switches, can be freely automated without clicks, pops, or other gnarly artifacts.

    Rob and I started started referring to this as the “Goodhertz promise,” and, as of now, we’re the only plugin company that delivers on such a promise.

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  • A Brief History of Vulf Compressor (Podcast)
    How the Vulf Compressor came to be May 19, 2015

    Here at Goodhertz, we love sounds and we love stories, so we thought: we should make a podcast. And what better story to pilot the podcast than the story of how Vulf Compressor — our quixotic dynamics plugin — came to be.

    So we called up Jack Stratton (of Vulf & Vulfpeck), and asked him to tell the story of how he — with the help of Goodhertz’ Devin Kerr — turned his search for a sound into a powerful, one-of-a-kind plugin; how Goodhertz turned Jack’s notion into a now-on-sale. (ß:margin-bottom:30px)

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  • Vinyl Sim
    Vulf Compressor — inspired by a true story Apr 18, 2015

    If only we knew who programmed the DSP on the Roland SP-303. One day we’ll find out. One day we’ll meet them, shake their hands, and conduct a brief interview. Some questions we have in mind:

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  • Lossy’s Uncharted Waters
    Making ghostly & oceanographic sounds Apr 7, 2015

    We built Lossy to solve a specific problem: make it easy to recreate the sound of a bad MP3 in realtime, without having to bounce a track to and from an MP3. But imbuing sound with an MP3’s imperfections — the fizzle and sizzle of 64 kbps — was only the beginning.

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  • Luvian Sound: J’s Loop
    A Fourloops Installment Apr 6, 2015

    This time on Fourloops, we’re proud to present a set from Luvian Sound, who embraces some classic Detroit production techniques and pushes into the outer-space of Lohi, Lossy, and Vulf Compressor — all to excellent effect.

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  • The History of Trem Control
    3 Sounds from the Last Century Apr 2, 2015

    Eight months ago, we built 90% of a great tremolo. We codenamed it “Good Tremolo,” gave it a clandestine cameo in our YouTube stream, and outfitted its control surface with what we feel is the most intuitive interface for controlling a tremolo’s shape and speed.

    But when it rains it pours, and we ended up focusing first on Faraday Limiter, then on Panpot. Often we’d get inquisitive emails — when are you releasing that tremolo I saw on YouTube?? — and we even sent alpha builds to a few brave souls, but the tremolo simmered on the backburner.

    Until last month.

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  • Justin Delorme — Into the Sea
    A Fourloops installment Mar 10, 2015

    About a month ago, Canadian composer-producer-performer Justin Delorme sent us an email. He’d been using our plugins in his work (beautiful, cinematic tracks), and he wanted to let us know.[^let]

    After reading his email, a eureka moment: maybe Justin would be interested in assembling a set of loops for Fourloops?

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  • Fourloops, a Loop Series
    Four stems looping, hundreds of combinations Mar 3, 2015

    We at Goodhertz recently launched something we call Fourloops, a small web-based looping machine. “Four-” because there are always four distinct tracks, and “-loops” because each track is the exact same length, and loops endlessly.

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