Here at Goodhertz, we love sounds and we love stories, so we thought: we should make a podcast. And what better story to pilot the podcast than the story of how Vulf Compressor — our quixotic dynamics plugin — came to be.

So we called up Jack Stratton (of Vulf & Vulfpeck), and asked him to tell the story of how he — with the help of Goodhertz’ Devin Kerr — turned his search for a sound into a powerful, one-of-a-kind plugin; how Goodhertz turned Jack’s notion into a now-on-sale.

Dramatis Personae

  • Jack Stratton — Founder of Vulf Records, bandleader of Vulfpeck; narrates the podcast.
  • Devin Kerr — Co-Founder & Head of DSP at Goodhertz, Inc; designed and implemented Vulf Compressor’s algorithms.
  • _Madlib_


  • Interstitial music includes “Funky Sturgeon” and “My First Beat” from Vulfmon’s _Interstitials I_, out now on Vulf Records. Educational clips include Madvillian’s “[Accordion](” and Jaylib’s “[McNasty Filth](”
  • All phone-like sounds courtesy of Lossy; no actual phones were used in the making of this podcast.

Let us know if you enjoy listening to the Tonal podcast as much as we enjoyed putting it together.